Day 178

Day 178

We have been away from the USA for 178 days. With the rulings of the supreme court back home this week, it is easy to feel like we are returning to a country that is better off today than it was six months ago. We still have plenty of problems, but I am very excited to return home. I can’t wait to see friends and family, I may not sleep very well tonight!

Karlštejn Castle, Prague

Today we spent the majority of our day biking from the center of Prague to Karlštejn Castle 35km away. We have done a bike outing in almost every country we have visited, and today was no different. It is such a great way to see the country side and the people.

Karlštejn View

We have had an exceptional few days in Prague, mostly because of meeting so many good friends who were experiencing Luther’s Bach and Bonhoeffer tour. We toured with the group dined with friends, and hosted a happy hour for the group on our amazing terrace. It was almost like being home with so many great people around.

Biking with Biko in Prague

Nevertheless tomorrow morning we board a plane in Prague that will take us to Frankfurt and then we have a direct flight from Frankfurt to Minneapolis. Local time to local time I’ll be on the ground 24 hours from now, but its really 24+7 to account for the time difference.