January 27, 2011

second edition of data structures book is out!

Now that I’m back from my JTerm travels, I’m happy to let you know that the second edition of Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python is available.  ( David and I have worked hard on this new edition for about a year now, and we are really excited about it. We think it is a great step forward from the first edition, and I’m really looking forward to teaching out of it next year.

Here’s whats new:

  • All code is now written using Python 3.2
  • Chapter 1 now introduces Python sets, and exception processing.
  • Eliminated third party graphics package.  All graphics are done using the built-in turtle module
  • Focus on algorithm analysis in a newly written chapter 2.  In addition this chapter includes the analysis of Key Python data structures used throughout the book
  • New section on linked list implementation in Chapter 3
  • Moved Dynamic Programming to the end of chapter 4
  • Introduction of C style arrays and array management in Chapter 8
  • More focus on graphical recursive algorithms, including recursive tree drawing, and a recursive maze search program.
  • All source code for data structures has been organized into a single Python package to make it easy to incorporate into homework assignments.
  • Source for complete examples from each chapter are included so you do not need to piece together code from each listing
  • A new improved version of binary search trees in chapter 6.
  • New secion on balanced binary trees (AVL trees) added to chapter 6.
The main site for resources for this book is at

In the meantime, here’s the cover for the second edition