December 13, 2023

Useful Island

One of the guides is sponsoring a Haiku contest:

Cute little penguin

Penguin Personality

Penguins are stinky

We could smell the colony of Gentoo penguins long before we could see them. And then we were there amongst them all. The wind was blowing hard and it was snowing. It was kind of miserable to be honest. But we had come to see the penguins and we were treated to a show. We saw them sliding down the hill, or just “swimming” through the snow. Some were laying on eggs. If they are on the rocks and laying they are on their egg. Some were swimming in the water. Several of them jumped up out of the water onto the rocks right where we were getting off the Zodiac! Curious little buggers.

Darn kids! Get off my rock.

Did you hear?

Thank you, Thank you, I’ll be here until April…

Guarding the egg.

Just trying to stay warm!

Ready… Set….

Just keep swimming

For an afternoon where the weather was not so good I have even more fun photos of these penguins.