May 23, 2021

Crater Lake

The plan had been to bike around crater lake. Then we learned that the road was not open yet. Although it is May 22nd, they had not yet opened the rim road due to heavy snowfall this year. The Rim hike was also closed due to snow, so we ended up walking the part of the road that was open to hikers — Discovery Point to the Wizard Island Overlook.

Wizard Island

It was cold! We are not used to temperatures in the 30’s! I personally did not pack well for this trip. I usually bring way too many cold weather clothes and not enough warm weather. But this trip is the opposite. So I have on my biking base layer, a long sleeve T shirt, a vest, a sweatshirt, and my rain jacket! After our hike we did stop at the gift shop and I scored a nice wool camping shirt. That will help, but I think I’m going to miss my puffy jacket.

Bundled up for cool weather

We did enjoy some great sights on our two mile hike.

Still lots of snow to melt

Crater Lake

After our Crater Lake hiking we stopped at Beckies for lunch. Its amazing how smells bring back memories. Sitting outside this walkup restaurant waiting for my burger I was transported back to the drive-in in Storden Minnesota. Yeah, its just hot grease, but still.

On the way back to the campground there were two more opportunities to see the beauty of the Rogue River.

Rogue River

Underground river outlet

Meanwhile, back at the campground, the plan was to make some soup for supper in the instant pot. But it seems that the electrical cord has gone missing! Another stop at Wal-Mart or best buy I guess…. I don’t know where it could have gone as it has never really left the camper, and I’ve used it at least once before. But we looked everywhere, and by we I mean both Jane and I so it wasn’t just “man looking”

Tomorrow we have a fairly long day heading North to Cascade Locks.