January 24, 2013

the debary institute

Its been a great J-Term. A trip to Vail for some Skiing, and a trip to Florida to solve the worlds problems with great friends at the DeBary Institute. For those who do not know, the DeBary institute is a newly renowned think tank with roots in the Bone Lake Global Institute.

We arrived on Friday and spent a wonderful late afternoon enjoying the hospitality and home of our host, Tim Peter.


On Saturday we toured Stetson University in the morning.


Later we repaired to Smyrna Beach, it was a bit windy but we enjoyed it all the same.


The culinary highlight of our trip was dinner at the Swamp House Grill and Tiki Bar. We enjoyed some lovely alligator bites as appetizers:

IMG_0236 (Yes, as the famous frog said, they do taste like chicken)

After dinner we sat around enjoying the music of Mark Moore.

Sunday was Football (European and American) and then Golf day.


Dinner was provided by Gregory and Brad who made a charming seafood alfredo.

Monday morning we left the house at 5:50AM. The temperature was 62 degrees. Five hours later we arrived in Cedar Rapids where the temperature was -2. Thats a big swing for a monday morning.

Already looking forward to next year!