January 24, 2011

30 rock

So today Craig and I had an afternoon to do some site seeing.  Despite the cold cold temperatures here in new york we decided to start with some Dim Sum.  So, we headed to Chinatown.  I took out the trusty Urbanspoon app on my phone and we were soon headed to Ping’s.  Good Dim Sum at a great price.  Great shrimp and pork dumplings, Great potstickers and fried spring rolls.  The beef short ribs were OK, but not my favorite.  We finished up with some fried bacon wrapped shrimp.  A great way to close out the meal.  We were stuffed and only a few bucks poorer.

After lunch we headed up to 30 rock to do the studio tour and visit Top of Rock.  The studio tour was fun.  We saw Dr. Oz’s studio (who??) and the Jimmy Fallon set, also home to Johnny Carson’s show when he was in New York.  Finally we saw the SNL set.  Lots of great memorabilia and great memories in looking at that set.  Unfortunately there is a no picture policy on the tour so nothing to share there.

What I can share is this video clip. Partway through the tour, our guides asked for a couple of volunteers to ‘do some reading’ Craig and I both volunteered, and it turned out they were going to show us how a mini news broadcast goes together. So, Craig is the anchorman, and I am the weather guy. Its not as easy as it looks standing in front of the green screen, reading the teleprompter, and moving pointing at something nonexistent behind you.

Sadly Flickr uses flash to do these embedded videos, Here’s a link to the mov non flash file I uploaded…

After the tour we went up to the Top of Rock experience.  This is a great view of the city on a nice mostly clear day.  Here’s a few photos for you to enjoy the view from up there as well.  We had hoped to close out the afternoon with a happy hour cocktail at the Rainbow Room, but it was closed.