June 8, 2007

Road Trip to Sorrento or Happy Birthday to Dad

Road Trip to Sorrento or Happy Birthday to Dad

Today we had a very long drive. We left Tuscany and headed all the way south bypassing Rome and Naples to Sorrento. This is the small city that we stopped at on our cruise with Brian and Holly five years ago so we were excited to see the city again and try to find a few of the places we remembered.

Our hotel, Settimo Cielo, was nice and clean but not spectacular. The View from the deck off our hotel room WAS spectacular. The hotel is built right into the side of the cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples. Looking out at the ships and the lights along the bay was really nice.

The hotel also had a small pool which gave the kids a chance to cool off and burn off some of the energy they had accumulated over the long drive from Tuscany. They had the coolest lounge chairs by the pool. Each chair had its own little adjustable sun shade built into it so if you wanted to read and shade your face you could flip it up and adjust it accordingly.

After we had rested up we walked into the shopping district in search of a nice bottle of Limoncello. We actually found one in the shape of a cello and so we have that as a nice souvenir to bring home. The streets were as narrow as I remembered, but were much more crowded than I remembered from a few years ago.

We thought we had a good general idea of where the restaurant we had eaten at was but it took us a few false starts before we finally found the right place. The restaurant is called La Lanterna and they seemed very happy that we had come back to have dinner with them again after five years. The food was good, but not as good as our memories had created. But we have had some exceptional meals on this trip and I think pasta burnout was starting to set in. I had some really nice Cannelonni which could have and should have been enough. Instead I had some Red Snapper for my secondi which was a bit on the tough and fishy side.

After dinner we walked back to our hotel to get a good night sleep knowing that we had to get going early in the morning.