June 1, 2007

On to Tuscany

On to Tuscany

Our goal was to leave Venice about 1:00pm. So, we got up, had our breakfast and headed over to visit the Doge’s Palace.

After the palace we wandered back to our hotel and tried out one of the recommended restaurants. The pizzeria around the corner in the Piazza. Since they didn’t start serving pizza until noon we found ourselves with an extra 20 minutes for sipping pop and water. We made the mistake of each ordering a pizza. I had the proscuitto, Josh had Margheritta, and Jane and Kaia each had a cheese and basil combo. Josh and I only at about half of ours, but Kaia ate her whole pizza!

It was a pretty drive to Tuscany. Many tunnels and in and out of rain.

For dinner tonight we took one of our managers recommendations and dined at Il Cammieneto. While we were there we had a short conversation with a group of Germans. When we told them we were from Iowa they smiled brightly and said Ahhh, “Big Potatoes!”