Three days after we booked a cruise to Svalbard Norway our daughter told us she was expecting! Sadly, her due date was right in the middle of said cruise. Time to change those plans. So we booked a trip to Egypt complete with river cruise on the Nile for October instead. Then came Coronavirus.

While we were spending our first winter in California at the time, we quickly realized that our travel plans were going to change. We have been saying for several years that we wanted to spend time exploring our nations national parks. And our plan for the drive back to Minnesota was to take a couple weeks to visit some. But of course they were all closed. Instead we packed the car full of snacks and Lysol wipes made the journey back in two marathon days of driving.

After a brief stop at the Condo we headed to the lake where we spent the next few weeks preparing for Josh and Rachel's wedding. A small family gathering where I presided over the ceremony in my newfound role as "Reverend Doctor" Miller.

With the wedding over Jane and I both felt a kind of emptiness, what is next? We are still sheltering in place, we are not going to Egypt, and neither of us wanted to think about traveling internationally for a while. We started talking about the National Parks and how a camper would make that so much more fun. It turns out that you can buy a pretty nice camper trailer for about the same price as a fancy vacation to Egypt! Not an RV, as we wanted to be able to explore by car without having to tow one behind. So after weeks of online research we finally had it narrowed down to a range of camper trailers. Our initial hope was that we could get something small enough that Jane's Q5 would pull, but when we stepped inside those we realized that was not the right solution.

To make a long story short, we are now a one car couple. The car in question is a rather nice Audi Q7, purchased for a very good price with 0% interest for 6 years. I think its the first time we have taken out a loan on a car! But 0% is free money.

The Q7 is perfectly capable of towing our new Rockwood Mini-Light camper. As you can see from the pictures it has a Murphy bed arrangement, which gives us lots of room, and it has all the amenities of home. The dinette folds down into a bed, so we could take another couple with us, and will be nice for the kids to use in the summer if they want to.

We look forward to the maiden voyage of the camper this week with a trip to the newly reopened Copper Falls state park of Wisconsin. Although the current weather forecast is calling for two days of cold and rain! Who knows, I might even pack my fishing pole and try my hand at trout fishing for the first time in over ten years!

Stay tuned for more reports from the road, and across these beautiful United States.


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